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The X-Change-R® Oil Change Systems Story!

The X-Change-R® Oil Change Systems have been manufactured for the marine industry, both commercial and recreational, for over 30 years.  The first X-Change- was developed by a yachtsman who built a pump system to satisfy the engine maintenance needs of his personal boat.

In 1995, Advanced Marine Technologies, Inc. began developing and expanding the product line by engineering and manufacturing additional models of the X-Change-R® to address the changeing and growing needs of the boating community.  During this time, many changes occured to better satisfy the needs of their growing customer base.  These changes included adding gear driven pumps to the existing product line of impeller drive pumps, searching to find the highest quality parts, and developing and tooling user freindly components for easier operation.

In 2011 Advanced Marine Technologies was absorbed by Hansen 4, Inc. and the X-Change-R® facility moved into Sailors Exchange and is located in St. Augustine, FL. They ship products to both domestic and international boat builders, marine service yards, and individual boat owners. 

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiry that you may have regarding

Advanced Marine Technologies Inc, and X-Change-R® Oil Change Systems. 

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