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"For boats with stern-drive and inboard engines, a permanent system from X-Change-R is the best way to go."




The X-Changer-R® is the Oil Change System of choice for some of the finest boat manufacturers and distributors in the world, including: 



"I recently discovered an installed-in-the-engine-room, hands-off unit composed of high quality brass and stainless-steel components. The Oil X-Change-R®System features a clever diversion valve that comes under the why-didn't-I-think-of-this-before category."

Boating Magazine

"Changing your boat's engine oil is a messy, tedious job, and, as a result, few of us perform the task on a timely basis. The Oil X-Changer-R®System, manufactured by Advanced Marine Tech. of St. Augustine, Florida, aims to change that..."

Pacific Yachting

"So if you are still paying someone to come down to your boat and change your oil, maybe its time to consider on of these systems [X-Change-R®]. Its probably cheaper in the long run, undoubtedly neater, and best of all, they don't require an appointment."

Power & Motoryacht

"Allow your spattered oil-changing memories to fade with one of the Oil X-Change-R®Systems..."

Cruising World


X-CHANGE-R® is proud to be the official oil change system of SHOWTIME!

SHOWTIME is a 1969 63' Trumpy restored to be The Total Marine Showcase. 

Check her out at the large east coast in the water boat shows for 2008-2009!

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